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Designed with the education and promotion of music in mind, YOU WEAR MUSIC is a great supplier of t-shirts and graphics for musicians, music teachers and students, and their parents who believe in the power of Music Education. Music teaches, heals, helps develop, unlocks, expresses, and so much more. We can all help promote a healthy dose of music in our culture in various ways. One way? YOU WEAR MUSIC!

Like what you see? Contact Toonmade if you want to personalize it for your students, studio, class or group! Don't let the main pic of the product fool ya, Various Sizes and Colors Available!!

It's simple: 1. Pick your product 2. Pick your Size and Color

I love it! Clothes and things that represent music, music education, music community, and the general love of music. It's fun attire that can be worn anywhere for any occasion. T-Shirts, hats and more, for kids, adults, teachers and parents. Fre Shavacado – Creator of Provocative Design