b a d g e n t i n a - DEAD RECKON
b a d g e n t i n a - DEAD RECKON
b a d g e n t i n a - DEAD RECKON

b a d g e n t i n a - DEAD RECKON

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You have some new music coming to you.

For years you've been asking when the next badgentina album is coming. Well, it's here!

Two Songs were done in the fall of 2019, then we held an awesome Kickstarter campaign in December 2019 and made our goal.

In June 2020, our Pledgers (aka badgers) got their CDs, downloads and merch, and now we've released it to streaming platforms.

Be a part of the badgentina story.

We've had the honour and pleasure of working with the super gifted Jonathan Anderson at his beautiful Protection Island Studio.

Jon has worked closely with many artists – Aidan Knight, Jordan Klassen, Andy Shauf, Said the Whale, Sheree Plett, Eisenhauer, We are the City, and many more. He has those golden ears and the magic touch that music-lovers love so much. 

As you probably know, independent musicians are freed up to make music in a very special way, and that's by the ongoing support of their fans and followers.

By making an order here from us, YOU will be an integral part of the magic.



For as long as there has been music, there have been Patrons of the Arts who have supported the creative endeavours of the local minstrels, playwrights, painters, and traveling troubadours.

This is a partnership.

Think of it as a collective record label, and we're all in this together.

We're always sharing the journey with updates, live versions, special exclusive announcements and releases, and sneak previews on Social. Follow us for all the fun.

Thank you for having us contribute to the soundtrack of your life.